Keeper Team Mascot

Keeper is a spunky Thoroughbred x Welsh Cob mare who may be small but she is mighty! She is quick, nimble and a constant reminder to all of us that you don’t always have to be the biggest to be the best. Keeper loves her job and is keen to do it well. Her willingness and enthusiasm to try new things makes her a great addition to the team.


Missi Team Mascot

Missi is observant, analytical and devoted. She knows the power of her bark and bite and energizes us with continuous forward motion as well as unconditional love and support.


Wilma Team Mascot

As a working from home enthusiast, Wilma enjoys the comfort of her own space. There she enjoys lounging, playing with her toys, snacking, and picking up the occasional phone call from the office. As Wilma is currently on a weight loss journey her most treasured pastime is to sit in front of her favourite window and dream about her next treat. Although she may never be employee of the month, she reminds us that it is ok to slow down and take time for yourself.


Dexter Team Mascot

Dexter has a very gregarious personality, power packed with just the right amount of enthusiasm and energy to help him stay amused. He believes that collaboration is the key to success and often relies on the team for his companionship needs. Dexter enjoys the versatility of his work and would be more than happy to do anything for a tasty treat. After a productive day at work, Dexter spends his evenings exploring the great outdoors!


Kiko Team Mascot

Kiko is energetic and playful and loves to work. If there is a deadline coming up, she will be the first to nag you. She enjoys the office as there is always a task to be completed. Kiko believes that if you are going to do anything at all, do it well.